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Web Designer TM

A 6-month coaching program for web designers on how to attract, book and design $10K+ websites without working more than 20 hours/week!

Hey there, fellow web designer!

I see you are working hard and you have big goals for your web design biz!
Are you ready to start booking $10K+ websites so you can make
more money in your design biz while working wayyyyyy less?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Getting website clients seems like a rollercoaster you can’t get off of - you book a couple clients one month and then go months together without a single inquiry hitting your inbox. #ghosttown
Or you are on the web design hamster wheel, busy building websites for clients but on paper, your business looks more like a hobby and you aren’t making nearly as much money as you want to be.
You have big goals for business, and so you take on multiple website projects in order to hit your income goals but you are on the verge of burnout and want to throw in the towel.
You do have a web design process but every client project feels like a road trip where the client is in charge and they are driving you to crazy-land. And at the end, you are left exhausted with projects that you aren’t proud to put on your portfolio.
Most times, handling these projects felt like taking an order at a restaurant – Can I have a blue header with a cream sidebar and gold buttons please? 🤯 You are tired of clients questioning your expertise and not trusting your design process even after they chose to hire you. WHY, OH WHY?
Honestly, you sometimes wonder if this business and the constant headaches are even worth it!

Meanwhile on the other side of designer-land ...

bullet point
Fellow designers are talking about raising prices, charging more for your projects, working with dream clients and hitting six-figures. You know that’s the part of designer-land you want to go but you don’t know where’s the map to help you get there.
bullet point
You want to raise your prices but worry that enquiries will dry up if you do. And those couple of times you tried raising your prices, you heard those dreaded words - “I can’t afford it” for a $2000 website and went right back to what you were charging.
bullet point
You wonder how other designers are charging $10K+ for a website and oh! by the way, where do they even find these clients?
bullet point
You want to land high-end clients but sometimes you secretly wonder if the websites you create are really worth $10K? How do you even design these websites that are worth $10K?

You wonder if there is a secret sauce that these designers have access to and you don't?

Charging $10K for 1 website sounds like a dream and you are sitting on the other side resisting the urge to weep.

I get it my friend, I have been there!

Designers love the High-end web designer

Before HEWD, I was looking to scale my business but had planned on doing that by building a team. To me, that sounded like such a daunting task and I had no idea where to start.

I think my biggest win from the program has been my mindset shift because that mindset shift immediately affected how I priced. Within just a couple of weeks in HEWD, I doubled my prices. And 2 months into the program, I just booked my first $10K client. DO IT, I would highly recommend joining the program. I gained so much confidence by joining and without it, I'd probably still be doing so much work for pennies...

Katlyn slocum

chaitra profile

From $0 to 6-figures in 12 months.

Mine is most definitely NOT an overnight story. I started my design studio in 2016 and I was doing good. I was making about 30k-50k per year and at the time, I was happy with how things were going. But everything changed when I had my first baby.

After an 18-month maternity break, I found myself at square zero when I returned to business in Jan 2020. Zero income. Zero clients. Zero leads.

I had to make a choice. To throw in the towel or to rebuild my business. I chose the latter.

I honed in on my positioning, up-leveled my mindset, sharpened my skills, processes and tools, got to work.

I booked my first project that year in March!

And in less than 7 months –
✔️ I had hit $70K.
✔️ Was consistently hitting 5 figure months.
✔️ Booked multiple 5-figure projects.
✔️ Featured in some amazing places like Privy and Proof to product which are reputable in my niche.

The most amazing part for me was that I was able to rebuild my business from $0 to 6-figures in less than a year with working 4 hours per day, when I hadn’t been able to accomplish this same result when I had 8+ hours to work everyday before having my baby.

If I could chalk it all up to just ONE simple thing, hands down it would be my process – The High-end website Process.

Designers love the High-end web designer

I’m getting all these high-end clients and it’s like, I mean, the program quite literally paid for itself. My biggest win was this month alone in November, I’m expected to make 25K. I was like, is this even possible? I’ve never seen these numbers in my life!

Taking this program was 110% worth the investment! There’s so much value in it, through your expertise, through the community, through all of the education that you’ve put together. It’s literally the best program I’ve ever taken.


Charging $10K for a website is not only possible, but you are closer to it than you think.
Close your eyes and imagine –

Seeing a $10k+ stripe payout in your bank account which came from working with 1 (max 2) clients that month.
Staying in bed to snuggle your little one(s) cuz that’s what mama needs today. Or taking the day off to grab a lunch date with your partner? Or stealing a walk cuz the sun is out today? Cuz flexibility is why you started your business right?
Waking up to a dream client enquiry waiting for you in your Instagram DMs under the new requests folder. And they can’t wait to schedule a call with you!
Working with dream clients that not only trust you as an expert but also want your inputs on their business. What? Read in between the lines : Zero-revisions!!
Reading thank you notes from clients for making a HUGE impact on their business. And let’s be honest, we know how life-changing websites are in 2023.

Here's what our students are saying

Getting high-paying clients is not a pie in the sky. It can be your reality.

If I can do it, you can too!

Ok, so you want to start booking those $10k projects, but you ‘ve got lots of questions:

Do clients really pay $10k for a website? And by the way, where do I find these clients 'cuz right now, all that you are hearing is I can’t afford it for a $2000 website!
Do I even have the skills I need to design and deliver these websites? What if I disappoint the client and don’t deliver a website that is worth $10k?
My current website projects take long enough, I barely have any time. Wouldn’t charging $10k for a website need me to work longer hours and deliver 10x more?
I get it. I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion in raising your rates to $10k especially when you’ve been hearing no's for $2k websites. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and be stuck at the same revenue in your design biz. I know from experience, that without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’ve created my new program,

Here's what our students are saying



Web Designer

The only GROUP COACHING program that teaches you BOTH – THE skills to design high-end websites AS WELL AS the business smarts to attract and land those high-end clients.
hewd program

Designers love the High-end web designer

Before joining this program, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my web design services. I was hoping to achieve more clarity around my design business and wanted to get better at designing high-end websites!

My first wins! Through this program, I finally managed to shift my pricing to more of a value based approach and that changed everything for me. Thanks to that and the mindset shifts support from Chaitra I am getting more comfortable with this. I recently booked my highest paying client at a price 4X than what I was charging before. I feel really grateful, and supported in the community, any question that I have there is always a quick answer!


Here’s what you ‘ll learn:


Mastering mindset

How to set yourself up for success and keep moving towards progress even when you hit roadblocks!


Attracting $10k clients

Positioning yourself as a high-end web designer in your niche so dream clients are lining up to work with you.


The marketing snowball

It's not about landing one high-end client. Set up a marketing system that builds up a snowball effect and continually attracts high-end clients.


Signature sales process

Swipe my sales process that feels as easy as breathing. Show up confidently and position yourself as the expert right from the beginning!


The high-end website process

My signature high-end website  process that produces incredible value for your clients businesses as well as positions you as an expert in their eyes.


Adobe XD mastery

Leverage the most powerful web design tool, Adobe XD to execute the high-end design process and design beautiful, functional websites that you are proud to show off on your portfolio!


Demystifying Development

Demystify the web development process so you can confidently build powerful websites that look and work as beautifully as you designed them to!


Delightful client experience

Swipe my end-to-end client process which makes working with clients an absolute breeze. And hey, say hi to zero revisions!!

Here’s how we’ll do it..


8 modules of recorded video content that walks you through everything you need to know about attracting, booking and designing $10k websites.


Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) calls for 6 months with hot-seat style coaching that addresses specific problems that’s holding you back from making progress. It's like a 1-on-1 in a group setting!


An exclusive close-knit facebook group which will be your go to place to get instant, tailored feedback on anything and everything.

milestone calls
1 - 1 milestone calls

We'll have two 1 on 1 calls with me throughout the program when you hit certain milestones that will help you prepare for the growth ahead!

templates library

Scripts and templates for every single thing - sales call scripts, proposal template, sticky client situation emails - it's all in here.

pre-recorded critiques
pERSONALISED critiques

Want a second pair of eyes on your new positioning or proposal template? You will receive personalized feedback that will help you refine it!

And we'll do it in 4 phases:

Here's what our students are saying

Clients love the High-end website process

Chaitra not only has the skill and talent in web design and development but she truly understood my business goals and was a pleasure to work with. I was so impressed with her project management skills. If you were at all on the fence about working with Chaitra, let me just tell you that you will have such a positive experience working with her. She will deliver on what you need for your business. And working with her has been the single best decision that I’ve made in making TryBaby and our online presence a reality.

Sara, trybaby

Clients love the High-end website process

Chaitra is an incredibly gifted web designer – she is creative, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. Referring clients to other vendors can be an intimidating process, but Chaitra has gone above and beyond for my clients every step of the way. I trust her completely and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to create a beautiful website.

Olivia Herrick, Olivia Herrick Design

Increase your value as a designer, charge high-end prices and become the go-to designer in your niche.


Designers love the High-end web designer

I was all over the place with my biz, undercharging, doing things the hard way, and in no way niched down. I would design for anyone and everyone. I knew I needed to change and I felt Chaitra understood where I was coming from since I am also a mom trying to make this side hustle a legit money maker. 

In the past few months of joining the program, I have niched down, launched a new design studio (in my niche), perfected that CEO mindset, 4X’d my prices and attracted my new target audience!! and I am only on module 4!!!!

Needless to say, without this program, I'd still be stuck. If you are looking for someone to inspire and motivate you, Chaitra is your answer.  She is genuine, friendly, and great at getting you motivated.

Ariel thieken

This Program is for you if

You are tired of being an order taker and want to start working with clients who trust you as the expert and value your input on their businesses.
You are ready to create work that has an impact both on your client’s business as well as yours.
You have great personal responsibility. You are ready to do the work, ask for help when you need it and keep making progress.


You have zero design experience and haven’t worked with any clients so far.
If you’re expecting the program to be the magic pill that solves all your problems overnight.
If you are not ready to do the work. Seriously, this program requires hard work and like anything, you only get results if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Here's what our students are saying

chaitra profile

Hey I am Chaitra!

When everyone zigs, you zag : this has always been my mantra both in life and business.

With a Masters degree in Computer Science, I joined the corporate world with big dreams of making it to Google or Apple and changing the world. But just a few months in, I realized that it wasn’t the place for me. So I decided to carve my own path, started this design studio in 2016 and luckily haven’t looked back ever since.  

This business has brought in tremendous opportunities for me and I am honored to have been featured and spoken at Alt Summit, Privy, ConvertKit, Craftcation and Proof to Product among others.

I believe that being kind, doing good work and working from a place of rest can go a long way in growing a business.

Now I am on a mission to help other web designers raise their prices, design high-end websites and scale their income doing what they love. Will you join me?

Designers love the High-end web designer

In just 3 months after joining the program, I booked my highest project so far for $5.5K! I feel like a lot of the confidence came from joining the program and I’ve really loved tweaking my processes to feel like the rates I am charging line up with the value that I am providing!!

The program is an investment in your business that will help you grow much much quicker- and in a way that is so sustainable!

ayesha santos

Clients love the High-end website process

The thing that struck us the most about Chaitra was her focus on our strategy as a brand, from  messaging, customer research to user experience -  basically everything we needed to create an effective website. She has a very methodical and easy to follow approach to strategy. A lot of thought went into all of the components of the website and how we would convey our messaging. She's very easy to work with, readily available to answer questions and our strategy sessions were extremely productive! We couldn’t be happier with our website!

Katherine, CommonHealth

Clients love the high-end website process

Chaitra was a pleasure to work with and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future! I am very fortunate to have found such a great web designer and would absolutely recommend Pinkpot Studio to anyone. Chaitra really immerses herself in her clients’ business and communicates clearly to ensure that the design is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Amy Louise, Fashion Entrepreneur

Are you ready to separate yourself from the sea of designers and create a business that creates an impact, brings results for your clients and makes you more income and freedom?


Now is the best time!

With e-commerce booming, web designers are in demand like never before. By increasing your value as a web designer, you can really stand out, scale your web design business and position yourself as the go-to web designer in your niche. 

How much money are you leaving on the table by waiting to get started? What’s it worth you if in 6 months from now, you can book consistent high-end projects for $10K+? 

If you wait you'll be in the same place you are at now. 6 months from now, you'll wish you had started today!

“I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.”


Designers love the High-end web designer

I felt stuck, stressed and constantly worrying about where my next clients were going to come from, when they were going to come - and if! I was charging by the hour and it became obvious that it wasn't going to get me anywhere, in fact, it was doing the opposite and causing more stress. 

In the past 3 months of joining the program, I feel like everything has changed! Not only am I having regular work inquiries and clients, but I've already made the money back from the HEWD investment (that only took 10 days) and more than doubled my monthly income. HEWD digs deep, and produces real results. I am not alone in this anymore, and that feels amazing. If you're ready to do the work and see the results – JOIN. 

sara ojasoo

Apply to The High-end Web Designer

Submitting an application is a no-pressure, no-commitment process. Your application is to help us know if we are a good fit to work together and to invite you to the LIVE program training.

I am hosting a LIVE private training that walks you through my 4-part framework for consistently attracting, booking and designing $10K websites. I am literally pulling the curtain and showing you how I've been able to scale my business while working 4 hours per day. It's going to be awesome. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the application asap so we can send you all the details of the program and invite to the private training.


Take 2 minutes and complete the application form below!🗒


Acceptance letters will be emailed to you with all the details😄


Attend the LIVE, advanced private training and ask me any questions you have - let's chat 📞


Enroll in the program and let's get started! 2024 is your year, baby🎉

Complete the application

Designers love the High-end web designer

HEWD is the best investment I have made as a web designer! Every module is jam-packed with valuable lessons and Chaitra is an amazing mentor. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and always available to provide guidance. She works with her students every step of the way-- her dedication is unbelievable! If you are looking to make more money per project while working fewer hours, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND enrolling in The High-End Web Designer!

Andrea St john


Until when are the applications open ? +

Applications are open until March 4th 2021, 6pm EST. It takes a couple minutes to answer the questions, so make sure to submit the application asap so we can send you all the details as soon as possible.

I work with Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify .. will this work for me?+

YES, it will totally work for you! The program is designed in a way that works for any platform that you build websites on. So no matter what the platform is, go ahead and apply! :)

When is the LIVE private training? And what is it? +

The LIVE private training is on March 4th, 2021 at 11am PST. Its going to be an intimate training where I will walk you through my 4-part framework for consistently attracting, booking and designing $10k websites. Its going to be awesome, I am literally pulling the curtain and showing you how I ve been able to scale my business while working 4 hours per day.

When does the program start? +

The program kicks off on April 5th 2021, Monday for 6 months.

What time are the coaching calls?+

The coaching calls happen bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 11am PST/2 pm EST. Please note this is subject to change.

Is this a group coaching program?+

Yes, this is a 6-month group coaching program. That said, it has a hybrid structure that combines group coaching, a pre-recorded curriculum and a mastermind under one roof. We ensure that you get enough one-one time through live group calls, critiques, etc also. So it’s the best of both worlds: peer learning and one-one time.

I have a few more questions. How can I reach you? +

OMG YES, absolutely! You can email me or shoot me a DM on Instagram. I'd love to chat with you!

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